Safer Floor. Safer Show. LightFair’s Strategic Health and Safety Program.

Your safety is our priority. Please note that the content on this page will change as we identify updated best practices and what we know evolves. Our safety protocols will be amended to reflect the latest information and guidelines. LightFair’s conference, meetings and presentation areas will be developed in accordance with the Javits Center’s guidelines, allowing for ample space between attendees.

Bringing the lighting community together to share ideas and innovations that move our industry forward is central to LightFair’s vision. In light of this year’s events, we are revisiting every aspect of LightFair with a “safety first” lens. Working in conjunction with the Javits Center and our vendor partners, we are committed to implementing safe and smart protocols by reimagining our trade show floor, attendee experience and program design for 2021.

  • Conference & Trade Show

  • Hygiene & Transmission Prevention

  • Facility Sanitation & Readiness

Conference & Trade Show.

A new way to register, daily disinfection and physical distancing.

Classroom seating with one person per table and theater seating with ample spacing between attendees are options being considered for conference sessions and seminars. Touchless hand sanitizers will be located throughout the show floor.

  • Smaller meeting rooms and informal meetings will conform to space use requirements and physical distancing guidelines.
  • Meeting room furniture, surfaces and all equipment will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day as needed.
  • Simulcast and hybrid sessions are being considered for the conference to enable social distancing.
  • A room monitor will be assigned to every room.
  • Attendees will self scan as they enter.
  • Coffee break/ food and beverage offerings to be managed with a minimal touch point approach.


On-site registration areas to be compliant with the Javits Center’s guidelines relating to social distancing markers. Self-service badging systems will be touchless. Visitors will be able to scan pre-printed barcodes, print badges automatically. Registration counters will be positioned at least 6 ft. apart.

  • Strongly recommend online pre-registration to ensure visitors are prepared in advance.
  • Investigating staggered entry times to avoid congestion.
  • Relevant protocols communicated to all registered attendees prior to event to ensure everyone is up to date on protocols upon arrival.
  • Sneeze guard barriers to be placed in areas of assisted registration that may need more direct contact.
  • Controlled disbursement of badge holders or clips without the risk of cross contamination.
  • Bulk badge pick-up for exhibitors will be enabled to minimize individual contact.

Floor Plan.

One-way traffic patterns will be investigated to facilitate physical distancing, minimize crowding and encourage fluid movement of attendance.

  • Exhibitors will be encouraged to construct exhibits that are as open as possible, using materials that are easy to manage, clean and sanitize daily.
  • Food & Beverage and networking areas to be developed with social distancing focus.
  • LightFair will work with the Javits Center to ensure compliance with the convention center’s guidelines to eliminate areas where social distancing might prove difficult.

Exhibit Floor Pre-Show.

Overnight disinfection of show floor and daily high traffic areas.

  • Targeted move-in and move-out procedures with use of marshaling yard.
  • Increased security presence on trade show floor during exhibitor move-in.
  • LightFair will work with partners to develop Safety on the Show Floor webinars as well as to ensure safety reminders are included daily with workforce morning meeting.
  • Service desks will be regulated with health standards.

Hygiene + Transmission Prevention.

Keeping hands clean, screening all attendees and adhering to social distancing.

LightFair will follow the most updated recommendations and guidelines from the CDC in mandating the wearing of masks. Face masks and additional PPE/TME will be mandatory for workforce.

  • Regular hand washing with soap and water will be encouraged with signage throughout the Center.
  • Appropriate hand-washing facilities or sanitization stations will be provided at all entry points and throughout the Center.
  • The LightFair team will undergo training on effective hand and respiratory hygiene which will be communicated to all attendees.

Sanitizing Stations.

Hand sanitizing stations located throughout the Javits Center and LightFair show floor.

  • Where possible, bathrooms will be equipped with touchless soap dispensers and hand drying.
  • Hand sanitation and washing signage reminders will be placed throughout the facility and show floor.

Health Screening.

Consistent with NY State’s implementation of the CDC guidelines, the following are required at this time of all attendees to ensure everyone’s safety at LightFair 2021.Updated as of July 26, 2021; please check back for updates based on evolving CDC and New York state’s guidelines.

  • Fully vaccinated individuals must show proof of vaccination at access points to the Javits Center.
  • Unvaccinated individuals or individuals with unknown vaccination status must present proof of a recent negative diagnostic COVID-19 test result at access points to the Javits Center. PCR test within 72 hours or antigen test within 6 hours of arrival to event.
  • Test results must be current within the time frame of attendance. If you are onsite for longer than 3 days, you will be required to retest and present updated test results.
  • New York City testing options can be found at
  • LightFair will require individuals to wear a mask within the venue. Masks must be placed over your nose and mouth and secured under your chin.

Attendance Controls and Physical Distancing.

Appointment setting via LightFair’s mobile app allowing for more focused, purposeful meetings, and the use of electronic lead retrieval/ digital information sharing will be encouraged.

  • Investigating staggered entry times to avoid congestion.
  • Limited in-booth traffic based on May 2021 regulations.
  • Separate Entry and Exits will be in place to help us maintain directional flow and density.
  • Physical distance floor marking will be in place for any areas where waiting is likely.
  • Our admission control staff will keep track of the number of people entering conference or meeting space to ensure maximum capacity is not exceeded.
  • Occupancy of public spaces and food service areas will be managed by the Javits Center’s staff and their concessionaires.

Facility Sanitation & Readiness.

Good housekeeping and cleanliness, maintaining good air quality and signs communicating protocols.

The Javits Center has achieved Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) STAR™ accreditation, the gold standard in the industry, and will establish cleaning and sanitizing practices in line with GBAC and CDC recommendations.

  • Cleaning of all high-touch points, such as door handles, rails and elevator buttons will be increased.
  • High-level disinfection and cleaning of the trade show floor during set-up.

Indoor Air Quality, Filtration and HVAC Maintenance.

New High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA-grade) Filters have been installed and will be maintained at all HVAC equipment.

  • The Center will continue to operate with higher rates of air filtration, ventilation and fresh air intake.
  • The building will maintain 74+ Degrees Fahrenheit and 40-60% relative humidity when possible, depending on season, for comfort control and to reduce viral transmission.


COVID–19 physical distancing posters and floor markings will be placed in prominent positions at the entrances, in restroom and catering areas and throughout the event.

  • There will be signage throughout the LightFair show floor as well as the Javits Center, to inform visitors of the protocols in place to facilitate physical distancing and promote good hygiene at the event.

Emergency Response.

LightFair staff will receive training on response to a COVID-19 occurrence as will the Javits Center staff. Anyone showing symptoms of the Covid-19 will be required to leave the facility and assistance in transportation from the facility will be provided.

  • Correct PPE will be made available for those who are assigned to deal with suspected cases.
  • The Center and its medical staff will assist with such cases when notified.
  • Using all precautions and protective gear, the trained staff will proceed to isolate the person showing symptoms.
  • A quarantined room/location will be developed away from any public area to ensure the safety of all other attendees.
  • Las Vegas Convention Center
    Las Vegas, NV USA

  • Trade Show
    May 5-7,

  • Conference
    May 3-7,

Conference schedule will be announced in January 2020.

May 19, 2019
May 20, 2019
May 21, 2019
May 22, 2019
May 23, 2019
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