• Submission Deadline: September 13th, 11:59pm EST

Answer the Call. Lead the Conversation.

  • Las Vegas Convention Center
    Las Vegas, NV USA

  • Conference
    May 3-7, 2020

  • Trade Show
    May 5-7, 2020

Speaking Engagements

LIGHTFAIR International 2020 offers a collaborative platform where experts demonstrate their unique perspective to instill best practices and inspire. As the world’s largest annual lighting-related conference, LIGHTFAIR provides you the opportunity to directly engage with invested individuals representing multiple disciplines and varying experience levels.

As you prepare your submission, please recognize the various learning modalities, learning durations, learning levels, and target audiences you should consider as follows:

Learning Modalities

Experiential Learning (3-hour minimum) Participants are actively engaged with the session through the use of things like hands on activity, design charrette, software training, etc.

Rapid Fire (60 minutes) Four presenters sharing big ideas on a related topic in a limited amount of time; allowing for a minimum of 20 minutes of Q and A.

Panel Presentation (90-minute minimum) Up to four presenters delivering different views about a topic or project.

Moderated Discussion (90-minute minimum) A moderated panel discussion or debate throughout the session. The session can include up to four presenters (including the moderator). The moderator’s function is to pose questions to panel members to solicit perspectives.

Tour (3-hour minimum) An in depth exploratory discussion and visit to a local lighting installation or significant project.

Lecture Traditional engaging presentation – demonstrations, case studies, or interactive exercises are encouraged.

Learning Durations

Proposals may be submitted for any of the following lengths:

Pre-Conference Programs An in-depth study of a topic
1-Day Courses
2-Day Courses
3-Hour Workshops

Conference Sessions
60-minute Up to two presenters (except for Rapid Fire)
90-minute Up to four presenters

Learning Levels

Foundational Introductory or fundamental concepts for emerging lighting professionals and/or others with minimal experience on the topic. Session builds general knowledge of the topic.

Intermediate Moderate technical and/or design knowledge on the topic for attendees with some existing knowledge and at least 3-5 years of experience in the lighting industry. Session enhances knowledge and skills for use in practice.

Advanced Advanced technical and/or design knowledge on the topic for attendees with significant existing proficiency and at least 7+ years of experience in the lighting industry. Session imparts expert level knowledge and skills for those already well versed with the subject matter.

All General interest topic, appropriate for all levels of experience and technical knowledge.

Target Audience

  • Lighting Designer / Lighting Specifier
  • Architect / Interior Designer / Landscape Architect
  • Engineer
  • Controls specialist / commissioning agent / systems integrator
  • Manufacturer / Sales Representative
  • Owner / Facility Manager / End User / IT Manager
  • Researcher / Educator / Student
  • Contractor / Distributor / Construction Professional
  • Utility / Energy Services Company / Energy Consultants / Energy Integrator / Aggregator
  • Government Official / Municipality
  • Other (please specify), e.g., Health and wellness, horticulture/agriculture, or sustainability professionals

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