Smart Cities Forum

LIGHTFAIR will offer its first-ever Smart Cities Forum. Smart cities are leading lighting into the IoT. Lighting serves as the lynchpin enabling digital technologies critical to the expansion of city services. Existing exterior lighting offers a unique electrical infrastructure to power various sensors, cameras, charging platforms, etc. This forum informs on relevant protocols, artificial intelligence, data analysis, case studies and more. Participants will see how smart cities are leading the way to a connected future. The Smart Cities Forum is sponsored by ARROW ELECTRONICS, Booth 214.

The Smart Cities Forum is sponsored by


Booth 214

Forum Sessions

The Smart Cities Forum is a one-day series of six sessions on Wednesday, May 9. Sessions are available as a Forum package or à la carte.

See below for overview and click here to search by 'Type of Session' (in the right sidebar menu) and select 'Smart Cities Forum' to access course descriptions, speaker bios and other detailed information.

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Date Time Course Title Speakers
May 9
8:30am-9:30am L18SC01 Lighting & Beyond: Pragmatic Use of Artificial Intelligence in Smart Cities Sohrab Modi
  10:00am-11:00am L18SC02 Street and Area Lighting Limbo Bob Parks | Apurba Pradhan
  11:30am-12:30pm L18SC03 The Smart City Protocol to Control Streetlights, Parking, Waste and Many Other Use Cases Dan Evans
  2:00pm-3:00pm L18SC04 The Evolution of Smart Cities 2.0 from A to Z Chris Davis
  3:30pm-4:30pm L18SC05 From Data to Information: Using Data to Make Informed Decisions Eric Lind
  5:00pm-6:30pm L18SC06 The Chicago Smart Lighting Program: Bringing Outdoor Lighting into the 21st Century Leslie Darling | Danielle DuMerer | Rebekah Scheinfeld