Pavilions: Prospect Magnets

Pavilions: Prospect Magnets

Each LightFair pavilion serves as a prime destination to attract a targeted audience specifically interested in that category. Offering a show-within-a-show experience, pavilions make it easier for your customers to find your brand and products. Our marketing programs and curated tours are designed to drive attendees interested in the respective categories to each pavilion. Contact us for pricing and secure your prime location today.

Design Pavilion

The Design Pavilion is the go-to destination for high-end decorative lighting and custom fixtures. Showcase high-style commercial designs and products including cove, linear lighting, chandeliers, sconces, pendants, flush-mounts and more.

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Outdoor Pavilion

The Outdoor Pavilion opens up a world of opportunity to showcase a wide spectrum of environmentally responsible exterior lighting solutions: municipal, city and street lighting, lighting for recreational/sporting events, landscape lighting, road and tunnel lighting, control systems, directional, path, step and area lighting, bollards and underwater lighting.

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Technology Pavilion

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This pavilion is for exhibitors introducing the latest in smart lighting and building solutions using sensors, controls, connectivity and data analysis to maximize efficiency, energy savings and end user comfort via IoT and Intelligent Lighting.

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The Collective

Only 30 vetted exhibitors who are IALD LIRC or IES Sustaining Members.

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