Immersive Lighting Installations 2023 Theme - Circular Economy

Immersive Lighting Installations 2023 Theme - Circular Economy


Introducing a new way for manufacturers to engage with lighting designers and attendees via immersive lighting installations on the show floor

Curated by the IALD, conceptualized by manufacturer + designer teams, marketed by LightFair, the Immersive Lighting Installations will provide attendees an unforgettable, experiential journey of discovery at LightFair 2023.

2023 Theme: Circular Economy

As the architectural and construction industries move to cut environmental impact and minimize wastage, LightFair 2023's Immersive Lighting Installations will spotlight the theme Circular Economy. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation outlines the concept via three principles, driven by design:

  • - Eliminate waste and pollution
  • - Circulate products and materials (at their highest value)
  • - Regenerate nature

A circular economy offers a resilient system that is good for business, people and the environment. This is your chance to interpret the theme in collaboration with your lighting design partners to translate the concept into a physical installation.

Simply submit your vision statement at the link below to enter. (Complete design plan not required to enter)


About the Program

LightFair 2023 will immerse attendees in a journey of interesting and engaging installations around the show floor. Participation is open to architectural and commercial lighting manufacturers. Selected manufacturers will be paired by IALD with a design team that includes at least one IALD member. Four entries will be selected to create and showcase installations at LightFair 2023.

1 - Submit your vision statement and interest to enter by Monday, November 7.
2 - LightFair and IALD will select four exhibiting brands by November 14, 2022 .
3 - Lightfair and IALD will match selected manufacturing brands with a New York–based lighting design practice.
4 - The manufacturer + designer teams will conceptualize the installation, work with IALD and the LightFair operations team and within the provided rules and guidelines to execute the installation on the show floor.
5 - At LightFair 2023, a panel of judges will assess your installation for conceptual clarity, collaborative presentation and thematic execution. ONE winning team will be chosen and awarded the prizes (described below).

- Checkpoint 1 and kickoff: January 16-20, 2023
- Checkpoint 2 - all documentation in place: April 21, 2023 (scroll to the FAQs section for details)
- Installation start: May 19, 2023
- Installation completed by: May 22, 2023
- Dismantle/move-out: May 25-26, 2023

Let your installation tell a story of partnership, collaboration and possibilities around the theme of Circular Economy.

  • Establish a new partnership or reinforce an existing relationship with a New York-based lighting design practice over several months. During this time, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your strengths as a manufacturing partner; the designer/s will acquire an in-depth knowledge of your products.
  • As a manufacturer-designer team, you will present your design to an esteemed judging panel at the IALD Designery leading up to an in-person walking tour and judging.
  • LightFair in partnership with NYCxDESIGN will actively promote your installation and the partnership.
  • LightFair will provide a map to each of the installations on the show floor and drive traffic to these locations throughout the show.
  • Click here for Immersive Lighting Installation contest rules.
  • Interested? Please take a few minutes to fill out this form.

Who Can Participate

Participation in the Immersive Lighting Installations is open to architectural and commercial lighting manufacturers. Selected manufacturers will be paired by IALD with a design team that includes at least one IALD member.

What is Included

  • 400 nsf of space – pre-determined on the LightFair show floor
    - Designs can utilize a maximum cubic 15'w x 15'w x 10'h of space.
    - Designs must comply with all New York State and Jacob Javits Centre temporary build rules. Click here for Build Rules & Regulations.
    - Installations must be freestanding without support from the ceiling.
  • Carpet (if requested)
  • 1500W and one 6 outlet power strip
  • Marketing and promotion leading up to, during and after LightFair 2023: press releases (2), inclusion in attendee emails, LightFair blog feature, social media highlights, photo and video highlights, show floor maps to installations


Selected exhibitors earn one (1) priority point each; winning exhibitor earns two (2) priority points applicable towards future space selection

For winning exhibitor
- Trophy
- Branded sign displayed in the winning design installation
- Mobile app push notification
- Free 10' x 10' at the next LightFair
- Highlighted in post-show email and other marketing
- Feature in the blog/newsletter post show

For winning lighting designer
- Trophy
- Diamond passes for the next LightFair
- Highlighted in post-show email, blog feature
- Opportunity to present at The Designery

Cost to Participate

The cost to participating exhibitor brand is $5,500.

  • You may use as much product as you would like. Do communicate any limits on equipment during the project team kickoff meeting to ensure expectation alignment.
  • Each project team will be allocated a $2,000 budget for materials and sundry items. Product cost and time is not included in this. The budget must be adhered to in order to ensure a level playing field.


Where can I find the Build Rules and Regulations and the Exhibitor Services Manual for the Immersive Installations?
Click here for the Build Rules and Regulations for the 2023 Immersive Lighting Installations.

Where can I find the Contest Rules for entering the Immersive Installations?
Click here for the Contest Rules for the 2023 Immersive Lighting Installations.

Who can participate in the Immersive Lighting Installations?
Participation is open to architectural and commercial lighting manufacturers.

What selection criteria will be used?
Selection will be made based on your reason and vision for participating as it relates to the Circular Economy theme.

What is the timeline for this project?

  • Checkpoint 1: January 16-20, 2023
    Selected manufacturer + designer teams meet with IALD and LightFair. Initial concept design must be submitted to LightFair for review.
  • Checkpoint 2: Friday, April 21, 2023
    Documents must be submitted to IALD and LightFair including final design, COI and EAC forms.
    - Supply a maximum 500-word design narrative on the overall project that will be used in pre-show promotions and on-site display.
    - The entrant must supply 5 high-resolution photographs (jpegs no bigger than 10MB)
    (renderings and collage images are not permitted.)
    - Video links can be included (videos must be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.
    Note: All above criteria must be received by the deadline or LightFair reserves the right to withdraw the installation entry.
  • Installation date (per target floor plan): Friday, May 19, 2023
  • Installation set-up deadline: Monday, May 22, 2023 (to be completed by 5 pm)
  • Dismantle – Breakdown / Move out: Thursday – Friday, May 25-26, 2023
  • Contact LightFair

    Do you have questions about the LightFair trade show? We are happy to help.

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