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Is your product the solution to a complex lighting design challenge? Could your innovation make a positive impact on the quality of our lives? Tell us more - submit your product for the most coveted honor in the lighting industry!

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Benefits of winning
  • Greater exposure, more visibility and booth traffic at LightFair
  • Free press: industrywide & global coverage by top media outlets
  • Free promotion by LightFair online - on our website, social media and in our emails
  • Bragging rights & long-lasting recognition for your brand and products
  • A prestigious certificate + a beautiful glass Fräbel* adorning your office! (*top 4 special awards)

Pre-Show Announcement of Winners: Unlike previous years, the 2023 winners will be announced several weeks prior to the show, giving brands the opportunity to market and promote their award-winning products. LightFair will provide digital assets and graphics for promotion.

How to submit entries
  • Review the rules and guidelines below and get your materials ready.
  • Click on the SUBMIT button to access the Innovation Awards dashboard.
  • Use your user ID and password for the Exhibitor Resource Center. On the dashboard, go to LF Innovation Awards tile/section.
What you'll need to submit

Please have all product information prepared and organized for on-line submittal, including:

  • Product name
  • Long description of your product (600 characters, including spaces)—for judging and the Awards presentation
  • Short description of your product (120 characters, including spaces)—for the LIA brochure and web pages
  • Why your Product is innovative (description - 250 characters, including spaces)
  • Product image in JPG format (300-dpi resolution or higher) Non-conforming images will not be accepted. Images MUST be labeled correctly with Company AND Product Name/Number.
  • Brochure or Spec Sheet in PDF or DOC (or DOCX) format IMPORTANT NOTE: All files submitted must be labeled with company name and product name.Refrain from using spaces, trademarks, @ symbols, dashes, parentheses and commas when naming files. If a space is needed, please use an underscore (_). For example: yourCompanyName_newProductName_Brochure.pdf (no spaces).
Submittal rules

An exhibitor's number of eligible LIA submissions is determined by the exhibitor's contracted total square footage (see the table below). Separate booths under one contract are counted as one booth with total sq. footage as outlined in contract.
Do not send actual products for judging. However, products submitted for consideration (at least a prototype) must be ready and showcased at LightFair 2023. Please pay close attention to the product descriptions and photo quality. The LIA Committee reserves the right to edit descriptions. Decisions by the LIA Committee are final.

  • 10' x 10' and 10' x 20' booths (100 / 200 sq. ft.) 1 product
  • 10' x 30' and 20' x 20' booths (300 / 400 sq. ft.) 2 products
  • 10' x 50' and 30' x 50' booths (500 / 1,500 sq. ft.) 3 products
  • 40' x 40' and 40' x 60' booths (1600 / 2,400 sq. ft.) 4 products
  • Booth size greater than 40' x 60' (2,500 + sq. ft.) 8 products

Only open to LightFair 2023 exhibitors and for new products launched between LightFair 2022 (June 23, 2022) and LightFair 2023. This must be the first time a product is being entered for the LIAs. If you entered the same product in the past, it will not be considered this year.

Please note the following
  • Only one product per category will be awarded "Best of Category". The Technical Award, the Design Excellence Award and the Most Innovative Product of the Year Award will come from the Best of Category Winners. The Judges are allowed a Judges' Citation Award which can come from the full body of entries at their discretion. (Attempts to lobby judges will forfeit consideration for awards.) The LIA Committee has the right to shorten descriptions for editing purposes.
  • One completed entry form is required for EACH product entered. If you entered a product in a past LIA, it MAY NOT be entered again.
  • Incorrectly labeled images and documents will be automatically disqualified. The image file must be labeled correctly with both your company AND product name/number.
  • Please review requirements carefully FIRST and have all available product information prepared for all fields, including: Long & Short Product Description, Image (labeled with your company name AND product name / number), and Brochure (or Spec Sheet). This is to avoid being timed out during the submission process. Also, please see Helpful tips below.
  • Entries must be received by extended deadline February 10, 2023.

    All decisions by the LIA Committee and LIA Judges are final. By submitting, you are agreeing to the rules outlined here. You will receive an email confirming your submittal. Please contact us if you do NOT receive this email within 5 minutes of submitting.
Award Submission Categories
  • Non-Luminous: Research, Publications, Lighting Software & Specialty Hardware
  • Lamps: Conventional, Retrofit & Replacement
  • LED/OLED, Chips & Modules
  • Ballasts, Transformers, Drivers, Systems & Kits
  • Track, Display, Undercabinet & Shelf
  • Recessed Downlights, Wall Washers & Multiples
  • Indoor Decorative
  • Parking, Roadway & Area Luminaires
  • Sports, Step, Landscape, Pool & Fountain Luminaires
  • Control Components & Hardware
  • Commercial Indoor: Troffers, Suspended & Surface Mounted
  • Industrial, Disinfection, Vandal, Emergency & Exit
  • Dynamic Color, Theatrical, Cove, Strips & Tape
  • Control Enabling Technology, Connectivity & Software
Pointers for Submitting a Winning Entry

Separate your brand from the competition and give your products the best shot.

  • Show, don't sell.The judges represent your customers and specifiers. Craft a clear and concise long description that explains how your product performs to fit their needs.
  • Submit high-quality photos. We recommend 300-dpi or higher-resolution product photos that help judges see and understand your product better.
  • Organize your materials, be well-prepared. Submittal should only take a few minutes if you have all the necessary information and materials handy.
  • Maximize your eligibility. We encourage you to submit the maximum number of products allowed for your booth size.
Helpful tips
  • Please have all your materials ready before you begin to avoid being timed out during your submission. You have a total of ONE HOUR to complete the submittal process.
  • We recommend that you check character / word counts in advance by pasting your short or long description into a blank, new email in OUTLOOK, then selecting TOOLS, then WORD COUNT. Please check your character count WITH spaces.
  • Contact LightFair

    We are happy to help.

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