LightFair Mentorship Pilot Program


Get One-on-One Mentorship from an Experienced Practitioner.

Turn their experience into your teacher over the next six months...and beyond. Are you an emergent lighting professional looking to grow? Imagine the possibilities if you had a mentor who understood your career goals, or could help you define them. Who could show you how to get there. Who understands your challenges and is willing to share their experience and recommendations with you. Who is committed to YOUR growth, YOUR success, YOUR career for the next six months. Now, this is your chance to work with such a mentor.

Program highlights

  • No participation fee
  • Get matched with a handpicked mentor
  • 1:1 mentorship: personalized connections
  • 6-month program (lifelong connections)
  • Monthly calls, check-ins with your mentor
  • *Culmination at LightFair: Meet your mentor
  • Customized to your career goals
  • Exclusive, private LinkedIn group
Calling emergent lighting professionals with 1-3 years of work experience: if you are serious about exploring a specialty, expanding your horizons and committed to developing your lighting career while working one on one with a dedicated, experienced mentor, learn more about the LightFair Mentorship Pilot Program and apply today. The program will kick off on April 26, and culminate at LightFair this October 25–29 in New York. Applications close March 31, 2021. Meet the Mentors
Additional Mentee Perks
  • 3-day exhibit hall pass ($129 value)
  • ONE 60-90 min conference session valid Wednesday, Oct 27-Friday, Oct 29 (up to $115 value)
  • Complimentary registration to New Attendee Orientation & Tour
The right mentor can leave a lasting impression and shape your career journey.

Take your networking at LightFair to the next level with mentorship.

Meaningful, Personalized Mentorship with a Dedicated Mentor

Our mentors are highly experienced and well-respected lighting practitioners from diverse areas. Each one of them is committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise to develop the next generation of high-caliber emergent professionals. They represent leading design and architectural firms and have award-winning projects to their credit.

But they're not just here to share what they know. They want to help YOU. To answer your questions, understand your professional development goals and help you chart the path forward to be the successful professional you want to be. Learn from their real-life projects, decisions they've made and mistakes they've learned from.

Ultimately, you get to shape your mentorship. The more you put in, the more you will get out of it. The better prepared and the more committed you are, the more you will gain.

Meet the Mentors


How will mentees be selected and paired with a mentor? How many will be selected?
Once we've reviewed all applications, we will select 12 mentees and match each with one mentor. We will do our best to match mentees with mentors who align closely with their area of interest or specialty but cannot guarantee this.

How will the mentorship program work?
LightFair sets out a framework and guidelines for the program. The success of the program will depend on the commitment and effort of the mentors and mentees. After the mentors and mentees have been matched up, we ask that every mentor have a 1-hour kick-off call with their respective mentee on April 26. Following this, we recommend a minimum of ONE 45-minute interaction (phone call/ video call + optional additional email or phone exchanges) per month between mentor and mentee where you follow up on any questions and focus areas. A member of the LightFair team will follow up periodically to see how the mentorship is progressing.

Will the entire program be online/virtual?
Each mentor and mentee pair may choose their preferred mode of interaction for the duration of the program. This could be via phone calls, video calls, teleconferencing, or in-person meetings if they are safe and feasible. We hope to see all the mentors and mentees at LightFair in New York in October 2021. We plan to host a networking event to mark the culmination of the mentorship program and to give you the opportunity to meet the other mentors and mentees. Of course, given the unprecedented challenges and uncertain conditions of this year, we will continue to monitor the situation closely before finalizing this piece. Should the need arise, we may have to move this event online for the safety of all participants.

Will I be able to interact with the other mentors in the program?
While your main point of contact and interactions will be with your assigned mentor, we plan to launch a private LinkedIn group for all the mentors and mentees. We encourage you to participate in conversations in this group and interact with the other mentors and mentees.

Will this program be offered in subsequent years as well?
Based on the feedback we receive for the pilot program and how well it is received, we hope to continue offering and expanding the program in subsequent years.


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