Las Vegas Convention Center

  • Las Vegas Convention Center
    Las Vegas, NV USA

  • Conference
    May 3-7, 2020

  • Trade Show
    May 5-7, 2020

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LightFair® and Las Vegas are natural partners with a strong performance history.

LightFair returns to Las Vegas in 2020 following its 2014 Convention Center showing, which set new west-coast occupancy and attendance records.

Las Vegas Convention Center

Please note: Floor plans are subject to change and LightFair reserves the right to make adjustments as necessary. Floor plans may not immediately indicate ongoing and most recent changes.

Shaded areas on the floor plan indicate our product specific pavilion areas: additional requirements apply to exhibit in these areas of the Show.

  • Design Pavilion

  • We reserved a premier area of the trade show floor for this vibrant pavilion. A showcase of modern and classic decorative designs, these high-style products receive full attention from our experienced audience of lighting professionals.


  • Outdoor Pavilion

  • The Outdoor Pavilion includes LightFair’s large and growing spectrum of manufacturers who offer outdoor lighting. The mix of products and technologies keeps expanding to embrace the diverse outdoor applications. This pavilion will feature products and innovations specific to environmentally responsible lighting.

    Photo Credit: LLI ANOLIS

  • Smart Pavilion

  • This pavilion features smart lighting and building solutions using sensors, controls, connectivity and data analysis to maximize efficiency, energy savings and end user comfort via IoT and Intelligent Lighting.

    Photo Credit: SNAPSE WIRELESS INC.

  • New Exhibitor Pavilion

  • The New Exhibitor Pavilion features first-time exhibitors from around the globe showcasing their products and technological advances for the architecture and commercial industry. Located in a high-traffic area of the exhibit hall, this will be a must-see part of the show.


“ LIGHTFAIR International is the best place to see the amazing growth of the lighting industry! You can quite literally see just about everything that’s related to today’s lighting market under one roof. ”

  • M. Sestak

    Sestak Lighting Design

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