Connect with top industry decision makers.

LightFair draws attendees who are top decision makers from across the global lighting design, integration and technology spectrum.

We’ve re-imagined the trade show experience by focusing on what makes LightFair worth attending for the lighting professionals you want to see. Engaged attendees make promising prospects and serious customers.

We achieve this through:

  • Robust targeted marketing programs
  • Curated experiences
  • Meaningful, thoughtfully designed networking opportunities
  • Expanded education (one of the industry’s most comprehensive)
  • Attendee buy-in program to bring the high-profile attendees you want to see
  • NEW Design Synergist on-floor education program
LightFair attendees include leading global design, architectural and engineering firms.

Network with and present your products to lighting professionals in design, integration and technology and more.

  • Architects, Lighting Designers, Hospitality Designers, Interior Designers, Lighting Retailers, Retail Designers & Store Planners, Specifiers, Consultants, Healthcare Designers
  • Electrical Engineers, Engineers, Electrical Specialists, Construction Professionals
  • Energy Consultants & Specialists, Utility & Public Utility, Urban & Regional Planners, Government Officials & Municipality
  • ESCOs, Facility Managers & Owners

Data taken from LightFair 2019

Percentage increase by profession

LightFair Attendance Continues to Grow Across Professions.

We saw a marked increase in 2020 conference and trade show registrants over 2019, proving LightFair is where you need to be.
  • 50%

    Increase in conference registration

  • 12%

    Increase in qualified attendees/buyers

We identified gaps and strengthened targeted marketing efforts to attract attendees from niche industry segments and professions. Our combined efforts from research, attendee and exhibitor outreach and targeted marketing led to a boost in our pre-registration numbers for 2020.

  • 72%

    Average proportion of time attendees spend on exhibition floor.
  • 89%

    of attendees surveyed are decision makers.
  • 90%

    are likely to recommend LightFair.
  • 88%

    say LightFair has a high quality, professional set of Exhibitors.

37% spent

$1‐10 Million

11% spent

$10 Million

Top specifiers: Building, construction, engineering, architecture or design company

Annual $ lighting products specified or purchased among LightFair attendees.

Among 400+ events, attendees rated LightFair as the most popular, must-attend event to discover, learn, network and assess.

Based on factors such as relevance, learning, networking, trends, innovations & exhibitors, Lightfair ranked up to 22% higher than comparable global lighting events.

Top Reasons to Attend LightFair

  • 76%

    Discover products/services
  • 66%

  • 74%

    Learn trends
  • 62%

    Assess products

Attendee Testimonials

Michael T. Conners

Newcomb & Boyd, Intelligent Buildings Consultant


“Intelligent Building Consultants are often tasked to find the most relevant pieces of building technology that will effectively serve the client’s intended use cases and also allows for adaptation and expansion through future technology efforts. Lighting has transitioned from an energy efficiency position to an actionable and integrated source of data that now allows building owners to capture more granular and relevant information about their building and occupant performance. LightFair offers a unique perspective on the progression of lighting and sensor technology and allows for our team to continue leading the industry with a strong knowledge base for emerging and upcoming technologies.”

Tony Adams LC MIES

National Lighting Manager, Evergreen Consulting Group, LLC


“LightFair is the one time each year when we can meet with peers and colleagues in the lighting industry to exchange ideas, explore new technologies, and identify challenges for the immediate future. Some relationships I’ve established at LightFair have lasted over 30 years, and I continually establish new ones each year.”

Collean Peach

Senior Associate, KGM Architectural Lighting


“LightFair provides an introduction to new products and lines that strongly influences our work.”

Clifton Stanley Lemon

CEO, Clifton Lemon Associates


“LightFair offers the most comprehensive menu of professional education choices for lighting professionals and the latest in product developments for manufacturers. I can count on seeing everyone I know in lighting in one place.”

Christine VanLeeuwen LC

Raleigh IES Board of Managers


“LightFair offers a good balance of education and networking. The opportunity to connect face-to-face with lecturers and industry leaders is what’s great about LightFair.”

All data taken from Lightfair 2019 research & Fusion Insights and Strategy 2020 attendee/exhibitor research.

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